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Only way to move to a better life is to constantly look for better opportunities and to always push forward. FRWRD Fitness is your first step in that direction!

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Hey y'all! I'm Loryn and I live in Houston, Texas but I'm a country girl at heart as I am originally from a small town called Amarillo, Texas! I have been into fitness since I can remember. When I was old enough to pick up a ball, I had one in my hands. I was able to hone in on one skill and get a full-ride basketball scholarship. I was able to go on to play pro in the WNBA and overseas in Israel, Turkey, Germany and Poland. Amazing experiences I will never forget! Throughout my fitness journey, being in shape was a non-negotiable for my career, but to me it was bigger than that! I found peace in working out and lifting weights. I loved being in control of my own body and no matter what, the gym was always there. I decided to get certified as a personal trainer and learn everything I could from mentors who had been training for 25+ years. I had truly found my passion, helping people change their lives and bodies through fitness. I ended up getting injured playing ball, and it was a turning point for me. I started seeing big changes in my body when I was unable to workout and I decided to take action. I started to do research, and I saw women all over the world just like me see their bodies change through different life circumstances. My passion to train and help women like me reach their goals could be a job for me? I found my true passion and decided to coach women full-time.

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In order to make positive changes in your life you need to move FORWARD. FRWRD Fitness!!!

App's main features

Workout plans

Weekly and monthly workout plans, single workouts and exercises by target area.

Nutrition plans

Custom meal plans, diets and recipes for healthy weight loss and lean muscle gain.

Live streams

Access to live training sessions for new exercise routines and real-time motivation.

Explainer videos

Demo videos with detailed instructions on how to perform each exercise correctly.

Progress images

Workout statistics and the ability to upload progress photos for tracking results.

Cast to TV

Greater immersion and flexibility by following workout sessions on the big screen.

Blogs and posts

Your unique expertise on health & wellness, supplements, mindset and motivation.

Videos on demand

Instant access to all your videos anytime for a personalized workout experience.

Personalized plans

Personalized plans that match clients needs and allow greater results to be achieved.

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